Mica Lamp Shades for your Antique Vintage Table, Floor, Bridge Lamp Base

Use 40 watt conventional bulbs, 60 watt for the open top lamp shades

Custom Mica Lamp Shades

Due to a declining voice, I'm only accepting emails :

To properly fit a custom shade, take the following measurements into consideration :

For Flat sided shades (up to 18" diameter) :

1) Distance from Shade rest Down to where you want the bottom edge to come.

2) Be sure to make it wide enough to give about a 1 1/2" clearance
from shade surface to bulb.

3) Desired top and bottom diameters : HEX diameter = Corner to Corner,
                                                             Octagon diameter = side to side.

4) Choose the mica color : Light Amber, Dark Amber or Silver.

For Drum / Cone shades (up to 18" rings) :

Choose a top diameter ring, and a Bottom diameter ring, and choose the height.
Choose a UNO spider or a regular washer spider.

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