Mica Lamp Shades for your Antique Vintage Table, Floor, Bridge Lamp Base

Use 40 watt conventional bulbs, 60 watt for the open top lamp shades

Antique Vintage Lamp Restoration Hardware
Antique Lamp Socket Replacement

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UNO Adapter Ring is the standard 1 1/4" inside diameter to fit your socket or mine.
These are PATINATED not painted

Standard Size 
Threaded UNO Socket

Fits Standard 2 1/4" Neck
Complete Socket Set

Fits Standard UNO Socket
Fits Standard 2 1/4" Neck
UNO Adapter Ring

Available HERE ONLY


Rembrandt  Pull Chain Socket Replacement
Comes with Paper Candle Tube and Acorn Pull

My Patinated UNO
Socket Set
 with Acorn Pull

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