Mica Lamp Shades for your Antique Vintage Table, Floor, Bridge Lamp Base

Use 40 watt conventional bulbs, 60 watt for the open top lamp shades

Copper Double Gooseneck Lamp with Onyx Bead by NYM Arts
and 2 Tulip Fitter Mica Shades in Light Amber

You will Receive this Exact Set pictured ABOVE
Tri Color Onyx Bead has : Rust, White and Green.
Comes with 2 NYM Arts Tulip Fitter Lt Amber
Mica Shades
Ships in one box.
Overall dimensions : 24" wide X 22" high.
I've bent the copper goose necks with my own hands.
Added victorian paddle sockets, UNO Rings.
All solid brass components.

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