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Mica Lamp Shades for your Antique Vintage Table, Floor, Bridge Lamp Base

Use 40 watt conventional bulbs, 60 watt for the open top lamp shades

Antique  Art Deco Lamp Shades Replacements

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March 28, 2021


My Daum Hex in Silver Mica

March 25, 2021

Hi Nan...I just wanted to let you know the shades arrived
today in good shape. Thank you so much for both.
They are fabulous!

My Tulip Fitter in Light Amber Mica

Use 15w - 25w bulb

March 19, 2021

They look beautiful, thank you so much !
I look forward to working with you again some day,

4 Cylinders in Light Amber

Use 25w - 40w conventional bulbs


March 4th, 2021
Thank you for the beautiful shade!  It goes perfectly with my floor lamp and it is a work of art!

My Scalloped 8 sided Fitter Shade

March 4th, 2021
Hi Nan,
I just received the shades yesterday. They are amazing! Much better than the photos online. Thanks for such a wonderful product.
Peter Murphy

Frog & Pond Lily Shade

February 21, 2021
Jason R.
The jack-o-lantern shade you made for me is lovely.

Jack O'Lantern with Nouveau Bell Flower

January 26th, 2021
From Joan :
"Thank you!? It’s perfect! "

UNO Hex Light Amber with Deco Design 2

Thank you so much everybody !
Here's to 2021...

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